The Young Living Company Business Review and Young Living Testimonials

The Young Living Company Business Review and Young Living Testimonials

The Young Living Company was entered 1989 by Gary Young in Spokane, Washington, over a small parcel measuring quarter acre. He had a background in Agriculture as well as on this small parcel he grew Lavender and several other herbs.

Young Living Reviews

He built a make shift distiller, by joining two pressure cookers having a brass pipe. As soon as the crop matured he processed it as part of his distiller and also this yielded the first batch with the Company’s therapeutic oil!! This became the common-or-garden start of the Young Living Company.

They chose to purchase land in St Maries Idaho to grow Lavender along with other aromatic plants as well as built a decreased pressure cold distillation plant. Gradually they grew making Lavender and also other plants and in addition installed additional distillation boilers. Some land have also been bought in France.

In 2003, Corporate office was opened in Lehi, Utah. The business also offers offices in Europe, Japan and Australia.

Company’s oils hold the required essential ingredients as a result of quality of plants it grows internal. Next could be the distilling process, which can be gentle, under controlled pressure and temperature, as well as thorough testing.

Their products include-

Essential Oils you can use aromatically and applied or taken internally. There are over 130 different essential oils and oil blends.

Essential Nutrition includes oils which blend so well together with the best foods and supply required nutrients for the body.

Essential living merchandise is for hair care, dental hygiene, skin care and bath etc. These are generally invaluable for general health.

If you want to have a sound body plus make some cash, you’ll be able to join Young Living and market their products. They propose relationship marketing ie by word of mouth marketing. It’s also easy to turned into a distributor of name products.

To conclude, Young Living is often a legitimate business that’s been on the scene for sometime now. That being said, it is still a MLM or network marketing opportunity. Having a MLM you are typically motivated to start prospecting within your friends and frequently required to attend hotel meetings. You may even be motivated to have meetings in your house to market the chance or perhaps the products. It can be your choice to discover if you see yourself working in this form of system.”

Young Living Reviews


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